Sunday, November 22, 2009

Steve Wang lecture at The Cinema Makeup School

Predator, Monster Squad, X3,Hellboy,and more.

Steve Wang's credentials pretty much speak for themselves and they sure do speak volumes

Along with Dick Smith ,Rick Baker,Mike Elizalde David Marti,and the late Stan Winston, Steve Wang has been one of the innovative pioneers that have kept creature effects alive and well.

I had the rare opportunity and pleasure to attend a lecture given by Steve that was held at The Cinema Makeup school in Los Angeles

The 3 hour plus lecture gave the lucky attendees the step by step look at how a full body makeup appliance is made.For me personally after seeing all the labor that goes into creating such a creature effect ,I truly appreciate all the masterful artistry that goes into fabricating it. On display throughout the lecture, Steve brought along some of his creations.The full body makeup and animatronic head of the tooth fairy from Darkness Falls
and a Sammael skull from Hellboy.The workmanship that went into all the models on display were breathtaking.

Steve is currently working on Marvel Entertainment's "Thor "and is a producer and director of the CW kids show Kamen Riders