Thursday, July 19, 2012

PACIFIC RIM Invades The San Diego Comic Con

The line to gain access inside of The San Diego Comic Con's Hall H, snaked its way to literally almost two miles long.The hall has the capacity to hold 5000+ eager fanatics ,all waiting to get a glimpse of not only exclusive footage from their favorite upcoming films but to have a rare opportunity to experience it with the creators behind them.The line was always to capacity.Fans had camped for days to hopefully be fortunate enough to get out of the humidity and into an air-conditioned exhibit hall, to share a once in a life time experience.
I had the great fortune of being one of the 5000+ to attend the highly anticipated LEGENDARY/WARNER BROS.presentation of Guillermo del Toro's Giant Robots vs.Giant Monsters extravaganza, PACIFIC RIM
The presentation was moderated by Chris Hardwick,founder of The Nerdist Channel.
First to enter the illustrious panel was founder of LEGENDARY PICTURES,Thomas Tull.Before he introduced the guests of honor.The screens came alive revealing three gigantic displays.
the one on the left reveals concepts and blueprints from the film.The screen on the right contained never before seen Behind the scenes footage of the production.The middle screen was fashioned to be a metal blast door with the PACRIM logo.
Then Tull  introduced director, Guillermo del Toro and stars Charlie Hunnam,Charlie Day, Ron Perlman,and Rinko Kikuchi.
The footage of the panel is on YouTube here:

What isn't shown in the YouTube footage is the exclusive never to be seen again teaser trailer for PAC RIM.(Guillermo has expressed that there will be what he calls "radio silence" about all PAC RIM footage ,until December...when a possible trailer will be attached to THE HOBBIT.So the trailer shown in San Diego was exclusively for the Hall H attendees)
Here is my Spoiler-Free impression of the trailer.
The trailer is a slow burn that builds to what I equate to be an onslaught of visuals that gives me goosebumps every time I think about it.
Guillermo has always said that he strives to give his fans more than just 'eye-candy' but instead "eye-protein'.
Mission :Accomplished ,Senor!!!
ILM who is doing the CGI for this film has knocked it out of the park this time.
Guillermo has said that the artisans at ILM are really excited to work on this film and from the footage I've seen ,it shows!
From a work standpoint ,If you are excited about a project,I believe that the quality of craftsmanship will shine...and with this film that is definitely apparent.
No matter what your opinion of Michael Bay's TRANSFORMER trilogy cannot be denied that ILM's work on the trilogy was/is some of THE BEST work out there.
Though awestruck by the CG in TRANSFORMERS...I found the action sequences too blurry and fast paced to fully absorb all the awesome effects.But in relation to PAC RIM you are able to truly appreciate all the hard work that ILM is doing because the MECHS move at a slower pace.
You can devour every turbine working and enjoy the majestry that delToro has conjured up.
A master visual storyteller without a doubt.

The mood of the trailer is very gritty.The atmosphere is very kinetic.The color palette is rich.
There are shots of the Kaiju,but they are never really fully revealed...but what is shown,one can truly feel the scope of how large and menacing these monsters are.

The soundtrack that plays throughout the teaser,if it is indeed Ramin Djawadi's score...he somehow channels his inner Han Zimmer.A very epic sounding score.

This trailer and even more so this can tell that delToro truly LOVES the subject matter...
And heck who wouldn't ? It's Giant Robos vs. Giant Monsters kickin' the crap out of each other for goodness sakes.

Now,I had the great pleasure of watching this teaser three times(yes,I even HATE me) and I wish that it was on a continuous loop in my head,so that I could watch all the time..yes,folks,that's how frickin' AWESOME it is.

Telling people about, is an injustice, because there is no way to describe I said before ,I get goosebumps when I talk about.Heck...I have them now as I write this.
PACIFIC RIM is delToro's loveletter to the genre
Hopefully ,delToro breaks his "radio silence" and teases us with a little nugget soon!
*fingers crossed*...hell, *tentacles crossed* as well!!!

'til next time ,Cabrones!!!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

UPDATE:GdT's inSANE is onHOLD ?!!!

With E3 just around the corner, a game that we have all been waiting is mysteriously absent from THQ's upcoming game lineup.
Guillermo del Toro's inSANE was teased at last year's E3.Also, the teaser trailer and GdT's obvious excitment over the games announcement was the buzz at the 2010 VGA's as well.
It isn't news that THQ has been having some financial difficulties as of late
GdT along with concept designers Guy Davis and Francisco Ruiz Velasco have labored for over two years to bring this game to life. According to reports, THQ has halted all production of the game.
Could this be true?
Is this the end of all the hard work that Team delToro labored over?
GdT the consummate gamer had always hoped to bring his expertise to the gaming world .
He has worked very hard to learn all facets of the gaming industry in order to build his own world for all his fans and gaming fans to experience.
Let's hope that this is just a set back and that they regroup and get the ball up and running again on
I for one was/ am looking forward to playing in GdT's sandbox of horror.
(as of this report the link to the game is still up on THQ's site)

this is just one of the sites that was brought to my attention which resulted in genration of this post.

After this post being brought to GdT's attention, he has confirmed with me that the game is still on track and production continuing.
also THQ's Danny Bilson further laid to rest the rumors by tweeting "Guillermo Del Toro's "inSane is not cancelled".

All of this is good news indeed!

'til next time Cabrones!!!

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Whispers in the Walls

Vampires ,Werewolves,Demons,and Horrific Monsters all fighting for ultimate power...heard this story before?
Tired of the same ol' tale of evil versus lesser evil?
Well,prepare yourself to be taken on an unexpected journey...being collected for the first time from HUMANOIDS Publishing,comes the wildly successful graphic novel series WHISPERS IN THE WALLS gothic tale of horror from David Muñoz (co-writer of Guillermo del Toro's THE DEVIL'S BACKBONE film) ,artist Tirso,and colorist Javi Montes. Whispers in the Walls chronicles the tale set in Czechoslovakia, 1949. After the brutal murder of her parents, Sarah,now a young orphan,finds herself in an ancient children's infirmary.She is about to discover that within the walls of the infirmary lurks an ominous threat of epic proportions.

From the very first pages ,Muñoz/Tirso/Montes take the reader on a roller coaster ride that reveals horror after unexpected horror around every corner.
Muñoz's storytelling is smart and compelling while taking the reader on a slow burning supernatural journey.
While the story is king here,Tirso's visuals only add to the tale that Muñoz's has set forth.
The art is fast paced with visual sequences that are very cinematic.Adding to Tirso's artwork,Montes adds such vibrancy and moodiness with his palette selection.

This graphic novel collects the first 4 issues and adds 2 previously unpublished installments that complete this edition.
As a special addition, an added bonus section is included with conceptuals and sketchbook material along with a pinup gallery from some of today's comicbook luminaries like Tim Sale and Humberto Ramos.
I highly recommend this collected edition to those who crave smart storytelling along with spectacular visuals.
'til next time Cabrones!

Monday, April 9, 2012


"Come on Dudes and Dudettes,let's all go spend the weekend in my cabin in the woods!"

We've all seen the scenario played out a gajillion times for whatever insert reason here "____"

And Horrophiles that you know that it NEVER ends well.

Well,coming to a cineplex near you this Friday The 13th( come on now...what better way and day to go see a scary flick?) Joss Whedon,writer, producer,director(Buffy,Angel,Firefly and a little indie film coming this summer called THE AVENGERS) and first time writer/director,Drew Goddard(producer of Cloverfield) present to all you horror fans...


Now y'all know that my reviews are pretty much always spoiler-free and THE CABIN IN THE WOODS is no exception.Actually it deserves this distinction more that ANY film I know.

The less you know and see going into this flick,the better.

I went into it seeing only the trailer and thinking that it was the run of the mill horror teen romp.

But coming from a pedigree of Whedon and Goddard I was willing to go into the screening with an open mind.

I'm glad I did.

This is one of the smartest horror films I've seen in a loooong time.

Both Whedon and Goddard LOVE the horror genre and it shows.

They have taken a plot that has been played out so many times and turned it into a horror classic.

The film pays homage to the genre that it so respectively now belongs to ,without aping any of it.

The writing is top notch.

The witty banter between the the main characters make you feel even more connected to them,

Goddard, making his debut as a director knows his audience and gives them what they are hankering for,an intelligent,fun and unrelenting horror ride that you are not soon to forget.

'til next time Cabrones!!!