Monday, April 9, 2012


"Come on Dudes and Dudettes,let's all go spend the weekend in my cabin in the woods!"

We've all seen the scenario played out a gajillion times for whatever insert reason here "____"

And Horrophiles that you know that it NEVER ends well.

Well,coming to a cineplex near you this Friday The 13th( come on now...what better way and day to go see a scary flick?) Joss Whedon,writer, producer,director(Buffy,Angel,Firefly and a little indie film coming this summer called THE AVENGERS) and first time writer/director,Drew Goddard(producer of Cloverfield) present to all you horror fans...


Now y'all know that my reviews are pretty much always spoiler-free and THE CABIN IN THE WOODS is no exception.Actually it deserves this distinction more that ANY film I know.

The less you know and see going into this flick,the better.

I went into it seeing only the trailer and thinking that it was the run of the mill horror teen romp.

But coming from a pedigree of Whedon and Goddard I was willing to go into the screening with an open mind.

I'm glad I did.

This is one of the smartest horror films I've seen in a loooong time.

Both Whedon and Goddard LOVE the horror genre and it shows.

They have taken a plot that has been played out so many times and turned it into a horror classic.

The film pays homage to the genre that it so respectively now belongs to ,without aping any of it.

The writing is top notch.

The witty banter between the the main characters make you feel even more connected to them,

Goddard, making his debut as a director knows his audience and gives them what they are hankering for,an intelligent,fun and unrelenting horror ride that you are not soon to forget.

'til next time Cabrones!!!

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