Sunday, November 22, 2009

Steve Wang lecture at The Cinema Makeup School

Predator, Monster Squad, X3,Hellboy,and more.

Steve Wang's credentials pretty much speak for themselves and they sure do speak volumes

Along with Dick Smith ,Rick Baker,Mike Elizalde David Marti,and the late Stan Winston, Steve Wang has been one of the innovative pioneers that have kept creature effects alive and well.

I had the rare opportunity and pleasure to attend a lecture given by Steve that was held at The Cinema Makeup school in Los Angeles

The 3 hour plus lecture gave the lucky attendees the step by step look at how a full body makeup appliance is made.For me personally after seeing all the labor that goes into creating such a creature effect ,I truly appreciate all the masterful artistry that goes into fabricating it. On display throughout the lecture, Steve brought along some of his creations.The full body makeup and animatronic head of the tooth fairy from Darkness Falls
and a Sammael skull from Hellboy.The workmanship that went into all the models on display were breathtaking.

Steve is currently working on Marvel Entertainment's "Thor "and is a producer and director of the CW kids show Kamen Riders

Monday, October 19, 2009

Screamfest 2009 Spotlight:Before The Fall (3 Dias)

From Writer/Director Javier Gutierrez comes the The Screamfest premiere of his film "Before the Fall (3 dias)

A giant meteorite is about to collide with Earth. The planet is gripped by despair and chaos. The inhabitants of Laguna listen to the news in terror. Ale, a frustrated young man who lives with his mother, decides to spend his last days shut away, getting drunk and listening to his favourite music. But his plans change when he is forced to help his mother to protect his brother's four children when Lucio, an ambiguous, disturbing stranger appears.

Cast: Victor Clavijo, Eduard Fernandez, Mariana Cordero, Juan Galvan
Directed By: Javier Gutierrez
Written By: Juan Velarde, F. Javier Gutierrez
Produced By: Antonio Perez

Before the Fall (3 Dias) screens at Screamfest 2009 on Sat. Oct.24th at 7:00 P.M.

here is the full schedule and link

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Screamfest 2009

'tis the season!....the haunting season!

This week is the start of the 2009 Screamfest.

Where for two weeks 10/16-25 ,films from around the globe are featured

celebrating the genre of horror and science fiction and all things in between!

here is the schedule of the films and shorts that will be featured

So gather your friends and someone to hold on to,

for Screamfest LA is here!!!

The Reaper Awards 2009 Pics

Dave Parker and Tad Hilgenbrinck

Sophie Monk

Thomas Dekker

Blake Reigle

Joe Lynch

Adam Green

Steve Barton

Sid Haig

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Reaper Awards 2009

On a dark and stormy night at the haunted Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, the inaugural 2009 Reaper Awards were held.

Celebrating the best in cult classics ,modern films and direct to video releases all encompassing the horror genre. Sponsored by Home Media Magazine and Dread Central .com ,the evening began with a celebrity filled red carpet and cocktail reception.

Such horror luminaries as Sid Haig (the Devil's Rejects), Sophie Monk (The Hills Run Red), Steve Barton, Director's Adam Green(Hatchet), Joe Lynch (Wrong Turn 2), Blake Reigle (Beneath the Surface), and Dave Parker (The Hills Run Red) were in attendance.After dinner, the "Grimmys" were awarded to films in categories such as Best Zombie, Best Vampire/Werewolf, etc.

here are the winners

Best of Show
Hellraiser Box Set, Anchor Bay Entertainment

Best DTV Release
Alien Raiders, Warner Home Video

Best Packaging
Hellraiser Box Set, Anchor Bay Entertainment

Best Boxed Set or TV Series
Dexter: The Complete Third Season, Paramount Home Entertainment/CBS/Showtime

Best Re-release
Friday the 13th: Deluxe Editions (Parts 1-6), Paramount Home Entertainment
Best Blu-ray Disc
Ghostbusters, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment

Best Indie/Foreign
[REC], Sony Pictures Home Entertainment

Best Theatrical
The Last House on the Left (2009), Universal Studios Home Entertainment
Best Zombie
Quarantine, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment
Best Slasher
The Last House on the Left (1972), 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment/MGM

Best Slasher
Laid to Rest, Anchor Bay Entertainment

Best Ghost Story
The Haunting in Connecticut, Lionsgate

Best Vampire/Werewolf
Underworld: Rise of the Lycans, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment

Best Re-mastering
Hellraiser, Anchor Bay Entertainment

Lifetime Achievement
Michael Felsher, Red Shirt Pictures

This was truly a great event.It presented the opportunity for these types of films to be recognized for the true art form that they are.

Special Thanks to Kyra Kudick and Erin Foley of Questex Media and Thomas K. Arnold of Home Media Magazine and Steve Barton of Dread Central .com

Hope to see you Ghouls and Gals next year!!!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Screamfest 2009 Spotlight :Bajo La Sal

Director/Writer Mario Munoz's film ,Bajo La Sal (Under The Salt)

gets The Red Carpet treatment at next weeks Screamfest 2009

Munoz's film centers around a series of murders that lead Commander Trujillo (Humberto Zurita, Propiedad Ajena) to Santa Rosa de la Sal, a small salt mining town, where he meets Victor Zepeda (Ricardo Polanco)- a lonely teenager who works in his father's funeral home and spends his free time making crude animated horror films. Victor's strange behavior and hobby make him a suspect in the brutal crimes.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Trick 'R Treat

This is totally gonna date me ,but oh well here goes!

I long for the days when I would seat in front of my TV for hours and watch The Twilight Zone ,The Outer Limits,Rod Serling's Night Gallery,Tales From The Crypt,and films like Creepshow or Twilight Zone :The Movie.

A good anthology series or movie hasn't been seen in a while ...Until now.

Now out on DVD/Blu-Ray,digital download,On Demand,Cave drawing(actually not really,though I'd love to see it) Is Michael Dougherty's Trick 'R Treat.

Reminiscent of the anthology series mentioned above ,Trick 'R Treat brings back the old school feel of scary storytelling.Told in a non linear fashion,the film follows four intertwining tales that tie up all their loose ends by the flicks finale. Think of a Halloween film in the vein of Quentin Tarantino.

I liked this film.It's creepy,scary and most importantly,fun.

There are some twists and unexpected turns that are the meat and potatoes of any good anthology series and film.What I like to call the "a-Ha " moments (no, the 80's new wave band doesn't make a cameo...I told you I'd be dating myself)! The moments in a movie when you go "a-Ha..I didn't see that coming! "To Serve Man" is a cookbook? WTF!" Now, if I just spoiled that episode of The Twilight Zone for you..that's what you get.Shame on you for not seeing that one.

Destined to be a Halloween Classic ,Trick 'R Treat is indeed a treat.

El Boy's Sick +Six+Six Launch!!!

here's something a little different...check it out!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

The Long Beach Comic Con 2009

A seaside convention hall, where seagulls majestically fly over .The temperature a perfect 78 degree with the sea breeze flowing through ones hair(not mine,but I'm sure it was flowing through someones hair) and ones face basking in the beautiful Southern California sun.

In the background cos players,comic geeks, collectors,and professionals alike roam through the convention hall doors.
This was the setting of the inaugural Long Beach Comic Con 2009.

And it came just in time...I was having withdrawals from The San Diego Comic Con.
The scale of this con was an eighth of Monster we all know as SDCC.
The vibe was electric.The day began with a ribbon cutting ceremony by the one and only Stan "The Man" Lee and then the participants moved into the convention hall.Once in the hall comic companies the like Aspen ,Top Cow,IDW, and Boom! Studios were well represented. Video game giant, Nintendo was present to show off and preview some of their games.As well as a wide variety of vendors.The highlight was the Artist Alley.Over 50 artists from all over the country were there to talk to fans and admirers.This con ,though small in scale had some big guns there, Jim Lee, J. Scott Campbell,Whilce Portacio, Amanda Conner and David Petersen to name a few.Also the up and coming talented young guns were there like Eric Canete,Philip Tan, and Ruben Martinez.There were how-to panels.roller derby girls ,wrestlers.and movie previews. One of the highlights was Michael Dougherty's "Trick 'R Treat.Like San Francisco's WonderCon ,fans have the opportunity to spend some quality time with some of the creators they admire.All the attendees that i talked to from fans to professionals were all happy with the turn out. I had a blast.It is my hope that the nice people that run The Long Beach Comic Con,bring their awesome 3day sideshow back next year .I see it only getting bigger and better! I cannot it 2010 yet?!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

ZOMBIELAND,how do I love thee? Let me count the ways.

..." Nut up or Shut up!"

or so the movie tag line states.

This is pretty much the anthem of Rueben Fleischer's Zombieland.

I won't spoil the plot,but come on..if you're gonna see a movie the words "Zombie" and "Land" in the title,you pretty much know what your in for.

In short,The U.S.(maybe the world) is overtaken by zombies.We follow the travels of Tallahassee(Woody Harrelson),Columbus (Jesse Eisenberg),and sisters Wichita (Emma Stone) and Little Rock (Abigail Breslin) as they set out on their cross country jaunt that begins back East and heads out to the West coast(which holds the promise of a zombie-free life).And with all trips ,it's not the final destination that's important but what happens on the way there.In the case of this film ,killing zombies is the short order or the day...ALL DAY,EVERYDAY!

I LOVED this film!!!

I enjoyed this film(heck, I'm gonna call it a "flick",cuz movies that are just plain fun...are not "films", they are "Flicks").It's an enjoyable "flick" on so many levels. It's funny ,scary,and(dare I say) heartwarming. In the vein of Guy Davis' graphic novel ,"Zombies That Ate The World "and Edgar Wright's "Shaun of The Dead" this flick takes a tongue in cheek perspective on the zombie genre (oooh "genre"...that's a pretty hoity toity word for a "flick" grandpa!..."Shut up!!!")

Harrelson is in fine form,probably his best performance in a loooong time .Yes folks,"White Men" can jump.shoot,slash and decapitate some zombie tukis.Stone is great as the elder grifter here,alluring and funny! Breslin is in her funniest role since "Little Miss Sunshine" just as adorable but this time brandishing an automatic rifle. Stand out performance goes to Eisenburg.

Seen as the "Poor Man's Michael Cera",Eisenburg may just break out of that moniker.As our narrator for this journey ,he brings forth a boy next door/everyman likability.Cera's doppelganger ,no more!

The exchanges between him and Harrelson are what one would see if Clint Eastwood and a young Woody Allen did a zombie movie.

So...if you're like me (old,bald,500 lbs, alarmingly good-looking with impeccable movie taste) your zombie loving butt will venture out into your local multiplex and enjoy the hell out of this flick.

'til next time America...."Nut up or Shut up!"

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

What a Guy (Davis) !!!

 ever since I could remember,I've been a Batman Guy.When I was a kid for Halloween I would dress up as Batman (Every year,All year)..even as an Adult circa 1990 for Halloween, I was Michael Keaton Batman.(how old am I again?)

Then came my obsession with everything Hellboy.(I could speak volumes on why I love lil' Anung Um Rama..but there is not enough space here..maybe some other time) Sure...I've cheated on the Dark Knight and the Harbinger of Doomsday,through out the years ...but i always came back to them.Along with my obsession with Hellboy came my obsession of the B.P.R.D.(The Bureau of Paranormal Research and Defense).Mike Mignola (creator of Hellboy) entrusted his creation of the B.P.R.D. to John Arcudi and an artist i had barely knew,Guy Davis. I loved the stories..but LOVED the artwork even more.

Over the years I would admire Davis' line work and could not wait for the next B.P.R.D. installment so that i could salivate over the artwork(stunning colors added by the wonderful Dave Stewart...btw,he's waaaaaay more talented than that Eurythimics dude who shares his namesake) 30 days was a long time to i sought out more of Guy's work and stumbled upon The Zombies That Ate The World.Stellar!
Guy also contributed animated comics to Guillermo del Toro's Pan's Labyrinth and Hellboy 2 DVD's.

I'm not an original art kinda guy(nor independently wealthy or I would be an original art guy)
but had the opportunity purchase a page an a commission and i do not regret it one bit .They are amongst my most treasured possessions(the kind that you would never sell).
I would now and again peruse Guy's website

and i saw this character of his called The Marquis."Meh" I thought to ,but i don't get the hat thingy and all. So I passed it up (no ,I pretty much ignored it...I'm such a dumb-ass) Then I saw that Dark Horse Comics was re releasing The Marquis: Inferno in Trade Paperback book form. I figured that I would give it a chance( one of the smartest things I've done).

I LOVE THE MARQUIS!!!! There I said it! It's not only the story and the stunning artwork, it's the subject matter and MONSTERS!!! Gorgeous! Guy is one of few artists in my opinion that can draw awesome and honest to goodness scary monsters( the kind that nightmares are made out of )

So... Batman,Hellboy,please make room for your brother, Le Marquis ...for he is here to stay!!!
Do yourself a favor and pick this will not regret it!
And if you don't ...Le Marquis will be looking to exorcise your inner demon with his bad ass pistols and sabre!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Vampire -Con 2009

It is the middle of August,…Summer’s flame ever so slowly diminishes .It is here in the City of Angels as the sun sets over the town known for its’ tinsel, the dead and undead congregate. Angels were welcome indeed, only if they checked their wings and halos in the coat room. This is the setting for the inaugural. Vampire –Con 2009. 3 days they convened, for a blood lust that for years had been suppressed….now they have been outted…and loving it!!!
With the advent of Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight,HBO’s True Blood, and Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan’s The Strain, the love for Vampires has resurrected.
Vampires and all that entail its’ resurgence into the popular culture had a place to flaunt its fangs.
The Convention began with a two day film festival at The New Beverly Cinema(from The Lost Boys to The Hunger) that attracted all the creatures of the night (Most notably Rose McGowan ,a Vamp in her own right).
The third and final day brought a change in venue , The Henry Fonda Theatre.
It was here that fangs (amongst other things) were flaunted.
The theatre was filled with an array of vendors to sell their wares. From Axes (custom gothic guitars),custom coffins to potions…a myriad of books and specialty items were there for purchase also .The convention also offered scheduled panels that discussed various topics all with the common theme of Vampirism. The highlight of the day was the crowning a The Vampire-Con’s Vampirella 2009.The online voting for the event’s Queen of The Damned was narrowed down to two worthy Vamps .A winner was chosen, Nela Swan (photo above)to a delight of the crowd.
As Twilight approached …the event ended with a classy ,wonderful ,and dare I say sexy Vampirella Ball .All of those who were there to partake in this Danse Macabre, partied into the wee hours to bring an unfortunate end to a fun filled weekend.
What made The Vampire-Con enjoyable was that the organizers have total respect for the genre and have the vision to see that the vampire culture needs to take its rightful place in the sun(so to speak).The convention paid homage to all forms of the vampire culture from Nosferatu ,Bela Lugosi to the aforementioned Twilight. Vampires and their need to celebrate will not take a stake to the heart anytime soon. .I for one hope that The Vampire-Con resurrects itself next year...this is one Daywalker that is looking forward to it.
A gran muchisimas gracias to the lovely Dee Dee Debartlo of Harper/Collins for the donation of The Strain novels and the equally lovely Wendi Mirabella for organizing this event!
Thank you Ladies!!!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Guillermo:The Vampire Slayer

Today comes this news

Could it be?

del Toro first pitched The Strain to FOX as a TV series ...but FOX wanted it to be a comedy(True Story)...anyone remember George Hamilton in Love At First Bite or Eddie Murphy's Vampire in Brooklyn? How did those vampire comedies work out?*crickets*...Lost Boys,maybe.

It could work...The Strain TV bible is out there...and Noxon sure knows her bloodsuckers.

Are there too many vampire projects out there already?


Maybe Noxon & Co. can put a little "BITE" (pun totally intended) into the competition.

I for one, would LOVE to see it...

Casting choices anyone?

Drop me a line...

Monday, June 22, 2009

Insane for The Strain

Well, after months of anticipation.

A Coast to Coast World Premiere Book Launch.

Rave Reviews...(Worldwide rave reviews, mind you)

New York Times Top Ten Bestseller.(come on now...was there any doubt)

I have finally finished reading The Strain...Yay!!!

Again those who know me know that I am not a reader.

The extent of my reading are books that have a lot of pretty pictures

with tons of "Pows" and "Booms" and "Zowies"

Guillermo told me that I would "effing love this book"(his words,kinda) and...........

damn it, he was right(I hate when that happens)

As my buddy Parker put's CSI :Vampires.

The story is fresh .The characters are (excuse the pun) fully fleshed out.

Another aspect I liked about this book was that the chapters were broken down into settings ,so that it puts the reader in the mood and sets them up for the story to unfold.

The pacing and beats are all there and keep the reader interested.

For those who know Guillermo,there are little easter eggs or "winks" to people and things that he likes.

I liked that aspect of the book too,it made it more personal.

The CSI parts of the book were not too techie(is that a word.?...if it isn't ,it is now)

but at the same time the descriptions were not dumbed down.One could fully understand what was being explained.

The gore is unforgiving...and I LOVE it! These Vampires don't *sparkle*(there's a t-shirt)

"The Strain-These Vampires don't Sparkle ,Mother Effer!!!"

I won't go into the plot or spoil stuff for you boys and're just gonna have to pick up the book ...and shame on you for not having the book already (Gary points his finger at you and shakes it in DISAPPROVAL.Shake.Shake.Shake.)

okay here's a spoiler...are you ready?


(shhhhh...Darth Vader is Luke Skywalkers's Father)


(now you can't say I never gave you anything)


Vampire Academy?...."oh no you didnit, girlfriend!!!"

Rice's Lestat can Suck It!!!(oh yeah ,I went there)

Go buy the book.

Read it.

Tell your friends about it.

Have them buy it.(you don't want the swine flu on you copy)

Heck ,even better the 14 hour unabridged audio book version,Narrated by the one,the only, Ron Perlman.(also available on itunes)

all's a great read.

400 pages of F.U.N.

F.angtastic. U.nrelenting....N.octurnal?.something or the other(i can't think of anything that starts with "N")...oh yeah,N.ut-shrinking ,wet your underoos vampire gore!!!

Let me know what y'all think.


Saturday, June 20, 2009


The Real Dick Smith and ME




Had the opportunity to attend the International Make up Artists Trade Show (IMATS),
being held this weekend in Pasadena ,California.

The IMATS is the equivalent of The San Diego ComicCon (SDCC)
but instead of comic geeks it is a convention for Make Up Artists.
The main exhibit hall is filled with makeup industry companies selling their wares
and also technical school trying to enroll perspective students.
There was a make up fashion show ,a student competition (this years theme :Gothic),
There was also a small museum with some props.

Outside of the exhibit hall there were several rooms that held panels and workshops.
Highlight of the day for me was running into Makeup Effects Legend, Dick Smith and chatting with him for bit.

Dick Smith Fun Fact:

Dick Smith has four fingers on his left hand
He had an accident while on a job ,that ripped the skin off his wedding ring finger.
The finger was so disfigured that he decided to have it permanently removed,not only for aesthetic reasons but for cosmetic reasons as well.
Since he works with his hands he thought that the deformed digit would somehow displease or disgust his clients.(that's a lot of "d's")
Smith had the cosmetic surgeon move his pinky closer to his middle finger.The surgeon did such a stellar job,that looks like he was born with four fingers.

(fun for a factoid,but fun for Dick Smith....not so much)

Friday, June 19, 2009

Tribute To Dick Smith Photos

Dick Smith and Me...
... actually no. It's Kazuhiro Tsuji's larger than life homage to Dick Smith

this bust is AMAZING!

Dick Smith's makeup tips magazine

Rick Baker's Letter to Dick Smith asking for a job.