Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Trick 'R Treat

This is totally gonna date me ,but oh well here goes!

I long for the days when I would seat in front of my TV for hours and watch The Twilight Zone ,The Outer Limits,Rod Serling's Night Gallery,Tales From The Crypt,and films like Creepshow or Twilight Zone :The Movie.

A good anthology series or movie hasn't been seen in a while ...Until now.

Now out on DVD/Blu-Ray,digital download,On Demand,Cave drawing(actually not really,though I'd love to see it) Is Michael Dougherty's Trick 'R Treat.

Reminiscent of the anthology series mentioned above ,Trick 'R Treat brings back the old school feel of scary storytelling.Told in a non linear fashion,the film follows four intertwining tales that tie up all their loose ends by the flicks finale. Think of a Halloween film in the vein of Quentin Tarantino.

I liked this film.It's creepy,scary and most importantly,fun.

There are some twists and unexpected turns that are the meat and potatoes of any good anthology series and film.What I like to call the "a-Ha " moments (no, the 80's new wave band doesn't make a cameo...I told you I'd be dating myself)! The moments in a movie when you go "a-Ha..I didn't see that coming! "To Serve Man" is a cookbook? WTF!" Now, if I just spoiled that episode of The Twilight Zone for you..that's what you get.Shame on you for not seeing that one.

Destined to be a Halloween Classic ,Trick 'R Treat is indeed a treat.

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