Saturday, October 3, 2009

The Long Beach Comic Con 2009

A seaside convention hall, where seagulls majestically fly over .The temperature a perfect 78 degree with the sea breeze flowing through ones hair(not mine,but I'm sure it was flowing through someones hair) and ones face basking in the beautiful Southern California sun.

In the background cos players,comic geeks, collectors,and professionals alike roam through the convention hall doors.
This was the setting of the inaugural Long Beach Comic Con 2009.

And it came just in time...I was having withdrawals from The San Diego Comic Con.
The scale of this con was an eighth of Monster we all know as SDCC.
The vibe was electric.The day began with a ribbon cutting ceremony by the one and only Stan "The Man" Lee and then the participants moved into the convention hall.Once in the hall comic companies the like Aspen ,Top Cow,IDW, and Boom! Studios were well represented. Video game giant, Nintendo was present to show off and preview some of their games.As well as a wide variety of vendors.The highlight was the Artist Alley.Over 50 artists from all over the country were there to talk to fans and admirers.This con ,though small in scale had some big guns there, Jim Lee, J. Scott Campbell,Whilce Portacio, Amanda Conner and David Petersen to name a few.Also the up and coming talented young guns were there like Eric Canete,Philip Tan, and Ruben Martinez.There were how-to panels.roller derby girls ,wrestlers.and movie previews. One of the highlights was Michael Dougherty's "Trick 'R Treat.Like San Francisco's WonderCon ,fans have the opportunity to spend some quality time with some of the creators they admire.All the attendees that i talked to from fans to professionals were all happy with the turn out. I had a blast.It is my hope that the nice people that run The Long Beach Comic Con,bring their awesome 3day sideshow back next year .I see it only getting bigger and better! I cannot it 2010 yet?!

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