Monday, June 22, 2009

Insane for The Strain

Well, after months of anticipation.

A Coast to Coast World Premiere Book Launch.

Rave Reviews...(Worldwide rave reviews, mind you)

New York Times Top Ten Bestseller.(come on now...was there any doubt)

I have finally finished reading The Strain...Yay!!!

Again those who know me know that I am not a reader.

The extent of my reading are books that have a lot of pretty pictures

with tons of "Pows" and "Booms" and "Zowies"

Guillermo told me that I would "effing love this book"(his words,kinda) and...........

damn it, he was right(I hate when that happens)

As my buddy Parker put's CSI :Vampires.

The story is fresh .The characters are (excuse the pun) fully fleshed out.

Another aspect I liked about this book was that the chapters were broken down into settings ,so that it puts the reader in the mood and sets them up for the story to unfold.

The pacing and beats are all there and keep the reader interested.

For those who know Guillermo,there are little easter eggs or "winks" to people and things that he likes.

I liked that aspect of the book too,it made it more personal.

The CSI parts of the book were not too techie(is that a word.?...if it isn't ,it is now)

but at the same time the descriptions were not dumbed down.One could fully understand what was being explained.

The gore is unforgiving...and I LOVE it! These Vampires don't *sparkle*(there's a t-shirt)

"The Strain-These Vampires don't Sparkle ,Mother Effer!!!"

I won't go into the plot or spoil stuff for you boys and're just gonna have to pick up the book ...and shame on you for not having the book already (Gary points his finger at you and shakes it in DISAPPROVAL.Shake.Shake.Shake.)

okay here's a spoiler...are you ready?


(shhhhh...Darth Vader is Luke Skywalkers's Father)


(now you can't say I never gave you anything)


Vampire Academy?...."oh no you didnit, girlfriend!!!"

Rice's Lestat can Suck It!!!(oh yeah ,I went there)

Go buy the book.

Read it.

Tell your friends about it.

Have them buy it.(you don't want the swine flu on you copy)

Heck ,even better the 14 hour unabridged audio book version,Narrated by the one,the only, Ron Perlman.(also available on itunes)

all's a great read.

400 pages of F.U.N.

F.angtastic. U.nrelenting....N.octurnal?.something or the other(i can't think of anything that starts with "N")...oh yeah,N.ut-shrinking ,wet your underoos vampire gore!!!

Let me know what y'all think.


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  1. What the... you don't mention the most important part of the audiobook. The one read is none other than Hellboy himself, Ron Perlman. A frequent del Torro collaborator.