Friday, June 19, 2009

I Don't Know Dick...

...Dick Smith ,that is.
The makeup legend whose credits include The Godfather,The Exorcist ,Altered States and Amadeus

But ,I got to know this Legend a little bit better last night.
I had the pleasure of attending a fantastic event ,
It was The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences
"Tribute to Dick Smith:The Godfather of Special Makeup Effects",
held at the amazing Samuel Goldwyn Theater.
The Master of Ceremony was none other than the legend himself
Master Makeup Effects Artist,Rick Baker.
It was a star-studded event(make up effects -wise)
Anyone who is anyone in the Makeup Effects industry was in attendance.
Everyone from this years Oscar winner Greg Cannom to Spectral Motion's Mike Elizalde.
The evening began with video clips of Smith's early days in television.
Then there was a panel discussion with Actors ,Linda Blair(The Exorcist) and Hal Holbrook(Mark Twain). Smith students Andrew Clement (Star Trek 2009), Shane Mahan (Iron Man), John Rosengrant (Aliens),to name a few.
as Rick Baker said,this was a" love fest"...all paying homage to Dick Smith.
The nearly 3 hour tribute was filled with laughter ,tears and admiration for a man who is an artist ,innovator,and mentor to all those who make their living as makeup artists.

The special evening came to a close with Dick Smith complimenting Rick Baker , and telling him that Baker's work is so phenomenal that he surpasses Smith himself,Quite a compliment.
The final clip of the evening was a video message from New Zealand.
Where Weta's Richard Taylor,Director's Guillermo del Toro, and Peter Jackson sent a special greeting to Smith. They joked and said that everyone has been influenced by him and should hyphenate their names Guillermo del Toro-Smith ,Peter Jackson-Smith.a great moment,indeed.
The screen faded to black and said (and I paraphrase)

"Can't wait to see you here in NZ,Thanks,Dick!"

Cannot wait to see the Godfather's magic on some Hobbits;)


  1. So glad you got to go Gary! I would have loved to have been there myself.

    Did Dick tell the story about the artificial trees at the Natural History Museum?

  2. no ,he really get a chance to talk about anything ...Dick spent of his time on stage paying homage to Rick I'm interested to hear that story...i may have to ask him about it if i go to IMATS tomorrow.Thanks!!!

  3. So cool to stumble on your site and have a chance to see these wonderful shots of truly incredible makeup. I'm in awe. I also wouldn't mind hearing the story of the artificial trees at the NHM.