Thursday, June 4, 2009

"No Geek Left Behind "...Indeed!

"No Geek Left Behind" has been Guillermo del Toro's mission statement on his current book tour for "The Strain" .

This being the second stop on his tour (that drops (oh yeah hip-hop terminology ,Yo) in New York today and then across "the pond" to London this weekend.The full tour schedule on the books site above),del Toro again did not disappoint .He happily signed and sketched for another 4 hour marathon at Borders in West LA.Beginning the event with an introduction and a Q & A.Entertaining as always ,he charmed the crowd with his wit, knowledge, and stories all sprinkled with his infamous colorful language.

Those who have had the pleasure of meeting him or seeing interviews in various media formats, know that del Toro is one entertaining gentleman.He's the guy you want as a best friend ,that you tell your other friends about and then they want to be his best friend too(if that makes sense).This self professed "geek" is totally "The Cool Kid" ,who can hang with the captain of the football team and be admired by the Chess Club.

A TRUE Renaissance Man.

As the ever winding line came to an end...he was a man who was spent,yet satisfied that he got some face time with his peeps(oh yeah old school hip-hop terminology,Yo).The cool thing for him...he gets to do it again tonight.And in New York.(rest assured my fellow geeks on the east coast ,you to will be wowed with wonderous tales and get a sketch to boot) Counted out? Gyped?Left behind?.... Not on del Toro's watch.

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