Saturday, June 20, 2009


Had the opportunity to attend the International Make up Artists Trade Show (IMATS),
being held this weekend in Pasadena ,California.

The IMATS is the equivalent of The San Diego ComicCon (SDCC)
but instead of comic geeks it is a convention for Make Up Artists.
The main exhibit hall is filled with makeup industry companies selling their wares
and also technical school trying to enroll perspective students.
There was a make up fashion show ,a student competition (this years theme :Gothic),
There was also a small museum with some props.

Outside of the exhibit hall there were several rooms that held panels and workshops.
Highlight of the day for me was running into Makeup Effects Legend, Dick Smith and chatting with him for bit.

Dick Smith Fun Fact:

Dick Smith has four fingers on his left hand
He had an accident while on a job ,that ripped the skin off his wedding ring finger.
The finger was so disfigured that he decided to have it permanently removed,not only for aesthetic reasons but for cosmetic reasons as well.
Since he works with his hands he thought that the deformed digit would somehow displease or disgust his clients.(that's a lot of "d's")
Smith had the cosmetic surgeon move his pinky closer to his middle finger.The surgeon did such a stellar job,that looks like he was born with four fingers.

(fun for a factoid,but fun for Dick Smith....not so much)

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