Thursday, July 30, 2009

Guillermo:The Vampire Slayer

Today comes this news

Could it be?

del Toro first pitched The Strain to FOX as a TV series ...but FOX wanted it to be a comedy(True Story)...anyone remember George Hamilton in Love At First Bite or Eddie Murphy's Vampire in Brooklyn? How did those vampire comedies work out?*crickets*...Lost Boys,maybe.

It could work...The Strain TV bible is out there...and Noxon sure knows her bloodsuckers.

Are there too many vampire projects out there already?


Maybe Noxon & Co. can put a little "BITE" (pun totally intended) into the competition.

I for one, would LOVE to see it...

Casting choices anyone?

Drop me a line...


  1. Hey... you forgot another vampire comedy stinker - Leslie Nielsen's "Dracula:Dead and Loving It". I think those folks at FOX are spending too much time on their tanning beds, it's starting to effect thought process. "The Strain" deserves much better.

  2. I disagree Cydog66, Dracula:Dead and Loving It is a really funny movie (in a Leslie Nielsen kinda way) and Mel Brooks is amazing.