Tuesday, September 8, 2009

What a Guy (Davis) !!!

Okay...so ever since I could remember,I've been a Batman Guy.When I was a kid for Halloween I would dress up as Batman (Every year,All year)..even as an Adult circa 1990 for Halloween, I was Michael Keaton Batman.(how old am I again?)

Then came my obsession with everything Hellboy.(I could speak volumes on why I love lil' Anung Um Rama..but there is not enough space here..maybe some other time) Sure...I've cheated on the Dark Knight and the Harbinger of Doomsday,through out the years ...but i always came back to them.Along with my obsession with Hellboy came my obsession of the B.P.R.D.(The Bureau of Paranormal Research and Defense).Mike Mignola (creator of Hellboy) entrusted his creation of the B.P.R.D. to John Arcudi and an artist i had barely knew,Guy Davis. I loved the stories..but LOVED the artwork even more.

Over the years I would admire Davis' line work and could not wait for the next B.P.R.D. installment so that i could salivate over the artwork(stunning colors added by the wonderful Dave Stewart...btw,he's waaaaaay more talented than that Eurythimics dude who shares his namesake) 30 days was a long time to wait...so i sought out more of Guy's work and stumbled upon The Zombies That Ate The World.Stellar!
Guy also contributed animated comics to Guillermo del Toro's Pan's Labyrinth and Hellboy 2 DVD's.

I'm not an original art kinda guy(nor independently wealthy or I would be an original art guy)
but had the opportunity purchase a page an a commission and i do not regret it one bit .They are amongst my most treasured possessions(the kind that you would never sell).
I would now and again peruse Guy's website http://www.guydavisartworks.com/

and i saw this character of his called The Marquis."Meh" I thought to myself...cool ,but i don't get the hat thingy and all. So I passed it up (no ,I pretty much ignored it...I'm such a dumb-ass) Then I saw that Dark Horse Comics was re releasing The Marquis: Inferno in Trade Paperback book form.http://www.darkhorse.com/Books/15-859/The-Marquis-Inferno-TPB I figured that I would give it a chance( one of the smartest things I've done).

I LOVE THE MARQUIS!!!! There I said it! It's not only the story and the stunning artwork, it's the subject matter and MONSTERS!!! Gorgeous! Guy is one of few artists in my opinion that can draw awesome and honest to goodness scary monsters( the kind that nightmares are made out of )

So... Batman,Hellboy,please make room for your brother, Le Marquis ...for he is here to stay!!!
Do yourself a favor and pick this up..you will not regret it!
And if you don't ...Le Marquis will be looking to exorcise your inner demon with his bad ass pistols and sabre!

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  1. Big fan of Guy's since his work back in the '80s on The Realm and early '90s on Baker Street. I had the good fortune to end up working at Caliber in the mid '90s when Guy was first working on The Marquis, so it blew my mind when he first sent in his artwork for that series. I've been a Marquis nut ever since. Well, a Guy Davis nut. He rocks.