Tuesday, March 15, 2011


...Aliens invade earth and through insurmountable odds the humans triumph over the invaders...

Stop me if you've heard this one before.

Well I wish someone would've stopped me form seeing "BATTLE:LA"

Normally at this juncture,I give you a brief synopsis....but I think I've spoiled it enough for y'all already.

Well my mother always said ,if you have nothing good to say ,don't say anything at all...............................................................

Actually ,the film isn't THAT bad .

Our hero in this two hour commercial for the USMC is Aaron Eckhart.

Eckhart plays Staff Sgt.Michael Nantz, a career soldier with demons that taint his reputation and haunt his soul.

Eckhart is actually the saving grace of this film.

His performance was a highlight for me.

A modern day John Wayne.

As Captain America ,as Captain America can be.

(in fact he would've made a great Cap)

Eckhart saved humanity from the aliens..but his performance could not save this movie.

Unfortunately the rest of the cast is a waste too.

It was great to see Latinos dominate the cast..but ALL of them wasted their talent here.

Ramon Rodriguiez does a decent job here as Lt. Martinez.

(fun fact:IMDB has Rodriguez tapped to play Bosley in the TV reboot of Charlie's Angels...interesting)

Michelle Rodriguez as Tech Sgt.Santos was waaaaaay better in AVATAR.

and shamefully ,Michael Pena as Joe Rincon has moments..I just wish there was more.

The draw here is the "realism" of how the film feels.

Director ,Jonathan Liebsman(Texas Chainsaw Massacre:The Beginning)

was inspired by real world battle footage.

I wish Liebsman would have used a chainsaw to shave about 30 minutes off this movie.

The way it was shot along with the special effects make this a film that will work only on the big screen...the viewer will lose a lot on their TV when this is released next week on DVD(just kidding).

Bottom line...I would have rather sat at home and watched a double feature of "Independence Day" and "War of The Worlds" than have sat through this movies.

Columbia /Sony greenlit this approx. $100 Million movie and

Universal said "NO" to Guillermo del Toro's "At The Mountain of Madness" ?

...really Hollywood?

maybe del Toro should shop ATMOM over at Columbia.

'til next time Cabrones!!!

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