Friday, May 10, 2013


Chile,with its beautiful people and its picturesque scenery is the backdrop to Nicolas Lopez's AFTERSHOCK.
The movie follows 6 party going hipsters as the live their lives to the fullest travelling throughout Chile.
Their night of partying leads to their final destination ,the small town of Valaparaiso,
In Valaparaiso,the night of clubbing comes to an earth shattering halt,literally.
Inspired by the actual earthquake that plagued Chile,our party goers are trapped in the epicenter with bodies strewn throughout the town.So not only must they survive the earthquake ,there is also the threat of escaped prisoners from a local prison overtaking everything.

Co-written and produced and starring  horrormeister Eli Roth, AFTERSHOCK is a blend of 1970's disaster flicks and a splash of modern day stalker tension.
AFTERSHOCK leaves the viewer thinking what would they do and how would they react being forced into this horrific natural disaster.
An intriguing story with characters and acting that is worth investing in.
The final score...
Mother Nature-WON
Human Nature-0

AFTERSHOCK breaks ground on May 10th

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