Tuesday, April 26, 2011

CAL McDONALD:Detective Tales

Cal McDonald did some harm,ee-i-ee-i-OH!

and did some harm on a vamp and pig(that's police officer,you Justin Bieberians),ee-i-ee-i-OH!

with a gunshot here,pimpslap there,here a shot,there a slap ,everywhere a gunslap.

Cal McDonald did some harm,ee-i-ee-OH MY GAWD!


Tell us a story Grandpa...

So I've been a big fan of Steve Niles,waaay before 30 DAYS OF NIGHT was a movie..you 'member graphic novels, don't ya boys and ghouls?You know those books with pretty doodles that are turned into mediocre summer blockbuster moving pictures...yeah.
Steve is credited as bringing the horror genre back into comics and boy has he.

He has written for all the big comic companies,bringing his unique sci-fi /horror-centric writing style to the best of the aforementioned comic giants stable of characters.

But it is Niles' creator owned cast of creepies that showcase his awesome talent.

Cal McDonald is just one of those.

From the successful CRIMINAL MACABRE trade paperbacks and novels,comes an all new

Along with artist, Kelley Jones, Niles brings us two new short stories furthering the misadventures of our hard boiled,anti hero ,detective.

First off ,the stories are great.

An easy read that is meat and potatoes good....no filler,just good old-fashioned storytelling.

The art by Jones is as gritty as the story that the illustrations enhance.

Cool stories?Check!

Cool Art? Check!
What more could you ask for?

Well what makes this collection even cooler are the little touches,These little bonuses that when given to you from the big companies seem gimmicky...are just plain cool here.

Each issue is inserted in a plastic bag marked "EVIDENCE" and is rubber stamped on the inside with a a smoking gun...Now are you gonna find this at Barnes & Nobles...probably not .You know why?...cuz there isn't an ISNB number .In fact inside the novel it even says " #$&* ISNB numbers"...I laughed when I read that and knew that I was in for something fun.This digest-sized collection feels very handmade .I envision Niles having paper cuts and red stamp ink all over his Cthulu shirt putting this book together...which is probably not the case...but it MY vision dagnabit!
Still not convinced?

Here's how the book opens..

"Hendricks was bleeding to death by the time I reached him near the intersection of sewer tunnel.He'd had his side ripped out like a bite out of a melon.His upper and lower intestines were splashed on the cement like vomited Udon noodles.

he didn't have long.

The thing had gotten him.

I was was on my own,in the sewers, against one of the freakiest things I'd ever encountered,and all I had was a Glock with a single cartridge and a shotgun with two shells."

Huh?...Huh! didn't I tell you.

If you are still not sold ,I think "The House of Big Ideas" is cloning Spiderman again.

So in short..this is a very cool book from some very cool folks.

ee-i-ee-i GO! buy this book already!

'til next time Cabrones!

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