Thursday, April 28, 2011

Insane for BRAIIIIINS!!!

If y'all are like me and are tired of the whole Vampire THIS, Zombie THAT, nonsense as of late...

Have got some good news for you.

Award-winning Writer,Artist,Critic,Editor,Filmmaker of the upcoming short film

The Captured Bird, and all around BAD A$$,

Vukovic is the perfect representative to be our tour guide through this awesome journey of Zombieville(I hear it's nice there in the fall but the over barring locals can sometimes make you want to run for the hills).

This book not only gives the us an interesting history of zombies,with its origins in Haiti,but takes the reader from early literature to it inception on the silver screen in the 1930's -to present day.

It was in the latter part of the 60's when a young filmmaker by the name of George Romero introduced audiences to a new renaissance of zombies. A chapter is dedicated to Romero and his everlasting influence on the zombie culture. Romero is and forever will be "The Godfather of Zombies".

Hell ,you need another reason to get book..The Godfather himself,wrote the forward.

In my opinion Romero's words alone are well worth price of admission here.

Jovanka also delves into how the zombie culture has gone transmedia ...not only infecting novels,comics , movies,television,gaming ,mobile devices,social networks,flash mob/zombie walks's a epidemic that is indeed growing.

This book is written in a fashion that not only informs the reader but entertains us.

Jovanka's vast knowledge in horror truly flexes its meaty muscle here.

If Yale taught a class in Zombism 101...this would be the text book.

Not just filled with fact after colorful factoid...this book is splattered with deep,rich,almost delicious photos...not only a great resource but a beautiful edition to devour.

Thank You, Jovanka!!!

You have renewed my faith not only in all things scary and ghoulish...but have shown me that

the zombies genre is far from reaching its dead (or in this case undead) end.

'til next time Cabrones!

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