Friday, May 29, 2009

Drag Me To Hell

Raimi IS back!!!

...and boy am I glad he is.I had the chance a couple of weeks ago to attend the premiere of the movie.When I first saw the trailer I was hooked! This film made me forget the debacle that was Spidey 3.I know,I had it's moments.but "Emo Peter Parker"...REALLY?

You would think that a movie that cost almost 500 mil to produce and market would have been a little better.Enough Spidey back to Hell.The story was fun, kinda "Hitchcockian"(is that a word,it is now)it's ending was predictable,but the journey there was a fun ride.what I noticed the most was the actually moviegoing experience .The film was an exercise in sound design .Chris M. Jacobson did a great job with the made me feel like I was there.Sound design? Really Gary?...Yeah,really!

If you love Raimi's Evil Dead're gonna love "Drag Me To Hell".Alison Lohman is the female Bruce Campbell!(and that's a good thing) The effects are at times "cartoony" but totally "Old School Raimi."I won't "spoil" anything for you...Hell(pun intended) ,the title says it all.There are tons of" jump out of your seat" moments.Which made the viewing even more fun.Hopefully,this rejuvenates Raimi to put the fun back in Spiderman.I for one am hoping for a "Drag Me To Hell" Trilogy.When the movie ended i felt beat up(again,totally in a good way)To sum it up."Drag Me To Hell" is...Creepy.Gory.Bloody.and uncomfortably Funny.

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