Saturday, May 30, 2009

This Ain't Your Daddy's "Land Of The Lost"

I'm gonna throw it out there and say that I was a fan of 1974"Land Of The Lost " TV series...Yes my friends ..I AM that old! Caught this bad boy when it was first run! BooYah!!!(maybe I shouldn't brag)

..."Continue with your story Grandpa Gary"...

It was a fun show about scientist/explorer,Rick Marshall and his two kids and their doomed raft trip down a dimensional portal to a "Land Of The Lost".

Had the opportunity to attend the premiere of Will Ferrell's new comedy and re imagining of"Land Of The Lost".

This time around scientist Rick Marshall(Will Ferrell) ,fellow scientist/love interest,Holly(Anna Friel, ewww,in the series Holly was his daughter,unless your into that..still...ewww,you perv )and tour guide,Will(Danny McBride) take that doomed expedition.

No spoilers here folks.It's an okay film...I've seen Ferrell in better/funnier films...this one was again,okay.If I could sum it up as a pitch then it's "Jurassic Park" meets" Step Brothers"...Tons of dinosaurs,old series mythology,mixed in with potty humor(two words DINO.URINE.)..overall that's not necessarily a bad thing.(the re imaging...not the urine ,silly).

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