Thursday, May 21, 2009


Welcome one and all!!!
The purpose of this blog is to create an environment for all fans and friends to come together and discuss all things Guillermo del Toro and more.
Whether it be news,movie reviews,questions,rumor,...whatever.
It is my desire to bring you the latest in news related but not exclusive to
del Toro and Pop Culture .Furthermore,this would be the forum to confirm or dispel rumors of current or future projects (heck, we may start a few).
Question?...Do you have any?
Do I have the answers?
And if I don't... I'll find them(or fabricate something good)
This blog is only as good as you help me make it.
Got a scoop? or want to tell me what a less than stellar job I'm doing...
feel free to send all comments to garydeo AT
So before you take your lunch ,pull up your keyboard and take a Dark Recess .

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